The Law Firm offers career opportunities to lawyers to improve their practical skills, but also gain the necessary work experience.

Thanks to work in thematic teams leaded by experienced lawyers, everyone has the opportunity to learn about different areas of law, in order to choose the one that would be his/her specialization. Clearly defined objectives, cause that our employees know that hard and effective work is needed to become a part of our office.

Career in our firm starts from the position of junior lawyer. After two years and positive evaluation of work done by team leaders and partners, junior lawyer can be promoted to the position of lawyer. After another two years the lawyer is re-evaluated in the manner described above. Positive rating promotes to senior lawyer. A senior lawyer can be a person with the professional title of lawyer, tax advisor, patent advisor or at least the academic title of doctor. Senior lawyers direct the work of thematic groups. The next stage of career is promotion to junior partner after five years experience. For outstanding achievements and large contribution to the development of the Law Firm, after evaluation by partners, junior partner can be admitted as Law Firm Partner.

Persons interested in working in the Law Firm, please send your CV and cover letter to:

Knapek Rybczynski Szmit and Partners
Law Firm
ul. Gallusa 12 lok. 101
40-594 Katowice

or e-mail address

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