Marriage Canon Law

The process of annulment of marriage:

Marriage in the Catholic Church enjoys the favor of the law. The doubts as to its invalidity is considered valid unless based on the trial finds that it is null and void. While obtaining a civil divorce does not solve the marital bond between spouses, as this is inseparable, or does not invalidate the marriage contracted in the Church. However, it proves that between two people failed to establish proper relationships spouses. Conviction on the part of the nullity of marriage is not sufficient to be able to be considered null and void, because the Church carried out a lawsuit against ecclesiastical tribunal, which aims to investigate whether the sacrament of marriage existed.

Nullity of marriage may be caused by three groups of reasons: canonical impediment; defects of marital consent; defects in canonical form. Canonical impediment, which there are 12 in Code of Canon Law, the circumstances relating directly to the people that make it incapable of valid marriage. Disadvantages of marital consent are defect act of will of the parties that constitute the marriage. There are 11 of them motioned by the legislator.

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