Bearing in mind the diverse needs of our clients and the need to adjust to individual requirements we have prepared a wide range of possibilities for settlement.

Mixed payment (flat rate-hourly)

The method of accounting used for permanent legal services for entrepreneurs who declare predictable limit of hours included in the subscription, which will be needed to carry out legal advice.

Remuneration for the hours covered by the subscription is lower than the standard wage per hour.

In the case of exceeding the hours declared in the subscription, you can upgrade a higher subscription (providing more hours of service).


  • access to a chosen lawyer within a subscription
  • the predetermined monthly cost of legal services
  • the ability to change the subscription in case of increased demand

Fixed remuneration

Fixed amount paid monthly for legal support, regardless of the timing and job specification done for the client.


  • precisely defined budget for legal services
  • assigned case tutor to the permanent disposition
  • constance access to legal services

Hourly rate with budget limit

In cases where the scope of work or the amount can not be estimated at the beginning of cooperation, at a predetermined budget we propose the way of settlement based on the accumulated number of hours with limited budget. In this option hourly rate and budget limit is determined at the beginning of cooperation. After reaching the budget limit further remuneration is not calculated.

If the case does not reach a predetermined hourly limit, customer is obliged to settle the salary for only actually worked hours of the Law Firm.


  • advance planned budget for legal services
  • no additional costs beyond the pay limit
  • the possibility of settling the hourly rate

Hourly Rate

Firm has also prepared an offer for clients, whose demand for legal services dynamically changing or when they need temporary legal assistance. In this case, the statement shall be based on the product of the hourly rate and the time spent by the Firm proceding orders. The hourly rate is subject to individual negotiation and depends on the complexity of provided services.


  • ability to obtain temporary legal assistance without further binding agreement and cost

Succes fee

Remuneration for effort realistically achieved in case of winning the litigation or other favourable result for our client.

Legal assistance in solving disputes and problems