“Unity is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success” is the motto guiding our work in our legal team. From the very inception of our law firm, we have strived to create a cohesive and understanding team. Every day, we foster a good working atmosphere and maintain friendly relationships in our office. We believe in teamwork, and it is through committed employees and collaborators that we can provide legal services to our clients at the highest level. To achieve this, members of our team continuously educate and train themselves, including through postgraduate studies, courses, or conferences, and then share their knowledge and experience with each other.

Each of the attorneys, legal advisors, or lawyers in our team specializes in selected areas of law, gaining rich practical experience, allowing our firm to offer a wide range of legal services to our clients at a high level of expertise.

We collaborate with notaries, experts, advisors, to provide comprehensive legal assistance in matters requiring expert knowledge.

Our law firm team also includes individuals who support the work of attorneys or legal advisors in their dealings with courts or authorities and handle internal office organization, ensuring efficient information flow and correspondence.

Thanks to our well-established law firm team, we can guarantee clients comprehensive legal support, both in terms of representation in individual cases before the court and corporate services related to business activities, planned transactions, transformations, or investments.

We invite you to get to know the profiles of the members of our law firm team.

Katarzyna Knapek


In her daily practice she focuses on providing complex legal services for business clients. She is experienced in legal services of transport, industry, construction, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical…


Tomasz Rybczyński

Undisputed specialist in criminal law, penal fiscal and tax law. His legal practice is related to penal, economic and medical law. He represents his clients in front of the public prosecutors, criminal courts, the police, heads of tax offices, as well as the directors…

Karolina Szmit

Her professional interest is civil law. She deals with providing services of legal assistance to entrepreneurs conducting its operations both within the country and abroad…


Karolina Uzdowska prawnik współpracujący z Kancelarią KRS Katowice

Karolina Uzdowska

Urszula Klisiewicz – Makuła prawnik współpracujący z Kancelarią KRS Katowice

Urszula Klisiewicz–Makuła

Mateusz Jaracz prawnik współpracujący z Kancelarią KRS Katowice

Mateusz Jaracz

trainee advocate
dr Aleksandra Rożnowska prawnik współpracujący z Kancelarią KRS Katowice

dr Aleksandra Rożnowska

Anna Bednarz–Bańkowska prawnik współpracująca z Kancelarią KRS Katowice

Anna Bednarz–Bańkowska

Joanna Gorzała prawnik współpracująca z Kancelarią KRS Katowice

Joanna Gorzała

secretariat manager

Anna Słowikowska

dr canon law

Jakub Leraczyk

legal advisor

Jolanta Damec


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