Criminal tax law

prawo skarbowe

What we do   The dynamic changes, specificity, comprehensiveness, and complexity of tax law make it increasingly easy to make a mistake that could result in initiating criminal tax proceedings. Such risks arise especially in the course of conducting business activities. We provide our clients with comprehensive support to ensure their financial security, helping to protect […]

Criminal business law

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What we do   The dynamic nature of economic activities presents various challenges to entrepreneurs. Therefore, we offer comprehensive advisory services for assessing the legal and criminal risk associated with business ventures and ongoing operations. Our firm not only helps protect the interests of our clients from the risks associated with economic transactions but also […]

Criminal law

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What we do   The right to defend the accused and the right to pursue the interests of the victim, including especially the right to legal assistance from a lawyer, are fundamental rights of participants in criminal proceedings. Given the complexity of criminal law norms and the extensive powers of law enforcement agencies, the involvement of […]

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