Criminal tax law

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The dynamic changes, specificity, comprehensiveness, and complexity of tax law make it increasingly easy to make a mistake that could result in initiating criminal tax proceedings. Such risks arise especially in the course of conducting business activities. We provide our clients with comprehensive support to ensure their financial security, helping to protect their interests in the field of criminal tax law.

Our Law Firm’s offer is addressed to both individuals and businesses. Our team members’ many years of experience gained in conducting business cases, criminal cases, including tax criminal cases, enable us to provide services at the highest level. Members of our team represent clients in numerous court proceedings initiated by the disclosure of violations and breaches of tax law, settlement of subsidies or grants, violations of customs duties, and principles of trade with foreign countries.

We ensure the realization of the basic right to defense in criminal tax proceedings, especially by preparing a strategy of action – defense line and interrogation tactics, analysis of the collected evidence, initiation of evidentiary actions, and monitoring the correctness of procedural actions taken by authorities.

We pay particular attention to evidentiary activities conducted during criminal tax proceedings. Members of our team, through doctoral studies, numerous training, and scientific conferences, have acquired additional qualifications in the field of evidentiary law, including illegal evidence or so-called poisoned fruits of the poisonous tree.

Where it is the optimal solution, we provide assistance in obtaining permission for voluntary acceptance of responsibility to avoid broader negative consequences of disclosed irregularities.

For individuals suspected, accused, or charged, we offer:

  • Legal advice in assessing the risk of actions taken, particularly in business transactions, regarding potential violations of tax criminal law.
  • Legal advice to secure individual financial interests.
  • Analysis of all aspects of the case regarding potential violations of tax criminal law, explanation of the possibilities for the development of the criminal case, and preparation of defense – recommendation of the optimal course of further proceedings.
  • Assistance during detention.
  • Comprehensive activities related to the application of preventive measures (temporary arrest, police supervision, bail), including participation in so-called detention hearings.
  • Preparation of relevant evidentiary motions, assistance in obtaining evidence.
  • Analysis of evidence material.
  • Contact with enforcement authorities for scheduling procedural activities or possible negotiation for a consensual conclusion of the criminal proceedings (voluntary acceptance of responsibility).
  • Legal advice and assistance in all procedural activities.
  • Assistance in providing explanations and questioning witnesses by law enforcement agencies/court.
  • Procedural representation throughout the entire proceedings, at every stage.
  • Drafting of motions, procedural documents, and remedies (complaints, appeals, cassation) in case of unfavorable procedural decisions by the authorities.

Thanks to experienced lawyers, members of our team, we are able to provide assistance in criminal cases at any time, especially considering the dynamics of evidence gathering and the need for a quick response in case of detention. We will advise you on how to secure your financial interests.

Our rich, long-standing experience gained in economic matters as well as in numerous criminal proceedings allows us to offer professional support – comprehensive advice in assessing the risk of economic activities undertaken and conducted business, the possible development of a criminal case, and the outcomes of criminal proceedings, and to adjust to the optimal defense or representation strategy for the aggrieved party’s interests.

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