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Our services are aimed at both individuals and legal entities whose activities are related to the need to regulate the legal status of real estate or its management. Typically, real estate is the most valuable asset, and problems related to management often revolve around it.

According to Article 46 of the Civil Code, real estate comprises parts of the earth’s surface forming a separate subject of ownership (land), as well as buildings permanently connected to the land or parts of such buildings, if they constitute a separate subject of ownership under special provisions.

Provisions regulating issues related to real estate – such as their sale, use, lease, lease, construction (private, development, and industrial), as well as the possibility of encumbering them (mortgage) – are found in various legal acts, and their interpretation requires the knowledge of a real estate lawyer.

The provisions governing matters related to real estate are often referred to as real estate law. In Poland, they include regulations from various sources, including:

  • The Civil Code,
  • The Construction Law,
  • The Act on Land and Mortgage Registers and Mortgage,
  • The Real Estate Management Act,
  • The Cooperative Law,
  • The Act on Ownership of Premises,
  • The Developer Law.


Real estate law in Poland consists of a collection of many regulations. Companies and private individuals engaged in real estate transactions or other real estate-related investments should ensure effective legal assistance provided by professionals, including a real estate lawyer or a real estate legal advisor.

The clients of our law firm are individuals whose needs are related to the need to regulate the legal status of real estate, verify the security of real estate purchase or sale transactions, consult on the conclusion of a development agreement, and draft all kinds of agreements related to the use of real estate. Our services in this area can take the form of legal advice, conducting legal proceedings (e.g., establishing easements or regulating the content of the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status).


  • Property due diligence: verification of the legal status of real estate through land and mortgage registers, extracts from the land register, land ownership deeds.
  • Regulation of the legal status of real estate through probate proceedings or partition proceedings, adverse possession proceedings, registration or removal in the land and mortgage register.
  • Obtaining access to public roads – easement of passage, right of way, parking.
  • Elimination of co-ownership.
  • Conducting court proceedings related to obtaining consent for management activities.
  • Preparation of lease agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements.
  • Settlement of investments made in common property.
  • Protection of unlawfully occupied property.
  • Conducting eviction proceedings.
  • Assistance in the acquisition of real estate by foreigners.
  • Assistance in exercising pre-emption or repurchase rights.
  • Participation in notarial actions related to real estate transactions (sale, exchange, establishment of easements, establishment of life estate agreements, submission to execution from a notarial act, establishment of mortgages).



Preparation of templates for real estate transactions and management:

  • occasional lease agreements,
  • commercial lease agreements,
  • property use regulations,
  • development agreements,
  • preliminary sales agreements for real estate.
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