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prawo pracy jako specjalizacja w Kancelarii KRS Katowice

We offer legal services in the broad spectrum of construction investment processes. Our advisory services are directed to all participants in the construction process: investors, general contractors, subcontractors, and further subcontractors. We also support service providers and suppliers in construction investments.

Since the beginning of our operations, our Law Firm has specialized in providing legal assistance to construction companies. Over the years, we have gathered experience supporting clients at various stages of investments. We provide legal support for construction investments. Members of our team have particularly specialized in negotiating construction contracts, participating in them jointly with clients, and assisting in gathering negotiation arguments. The construction process can be complex, and its implementation usually does not proceed according to the original assumptions. Bearing this in mind, thanks to our experience, we are able to anticipate possible complications and sources of misunderstandings between the parties. Therefore, during contract negotiations, we strive to secure the interests of our clients as best as possible, as we remain faithful to the adage that “contracts are written for bad times.”

We specialize in contracts related to residential, office, and commercial buildings, network infrastructure, as well as temporary and permanent road traffic organization.

Considering that construction investments often constitute a source of claims and court disputes, we also represent our clients in court and arbitration proceedings, where we fight to assert their claims or defend against contractual penalties. If necessary to terminate the cooperation, when attempts at amicable resolution of the dispute fail, we help assess and gather arguments for the effective termination of the construction contract.

If you are an investor or a contracting party for construction works subcontractors, we offer assistance in:

  • preparing construction work contracts,
  • making changes to the contract during negotiations,
  • preparing all annexes to the contracts,
  • drafting notices issued during the execution of the contract to the contractor, related to defective or untimely performance of construction works or damages caused,
  • reporting warranty claims or claims for liability to the contractor for construction works,
  • legal assessment of the possibility of terminating the contract,
  • assessment of the grounds and justification for imposing contractual penalties on the contractor,
  • pursuing contractual penalties and damages from contractors and further subcontractors,
  • assessing the investor’s liability for the compensation of further subcontractors,
  • conducting court cases related to construction contracts,
  • legal support for construction investments,
  • representation before common courts, arbitration courts, mediators.

If you are a construction works contractor, we offer assistance in:

  • preparing construction work contracts,
  • reviewing and analyzing construction contracts prepared by the investor or general contractor in terms of risk,
  • making changes to construction contracts,
  • participating in negotiations of construction contracts,
  • developing appropriate guarantees and securities required by the investor,
  • preparing construction work contracts with further subcontractors,
  • meeting acceptance and payment conditions,
  • supporting construction works contractors during the execution of works, especially in the event of conflicts, design changes, deviations, introduction of additional works or replacement works,
  • supporting contractors in warranty claims or liability claims,
  • representing the contractor in court, arbitration, or mediation proceedings related to disputes arising from construction contracts,
  • providing legal services for construction companies on demand,
  • supporting the contractor in case of intention to impose contractual penalties on the contractor or seeking compensation claims by the client.
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