What we do   The entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in May 2018 changed the perception of personal data protection across the European Union and worldwide. The GDPR protects personal data, primarily of EU citizens, regardless of where it is processed, and imposes special obligations on businesses processing such data. […]

Legalization of stay and work for foreigners in Poland


What we do   Currently, there are numerous detailed legal regulations governing the entry and stay of foreigners in Poland, as well as the possibilities of employment or conducting business activities by foreigners. The procedure for legalizing the stay of foreigners, as well as their employment, varies depending on the country of origin of the […]


znaki towarowe

What we do   We assist our clients in protecting their own brands, trademarks (word marks, logos, as well as word-image marks), from unauthorized use by individuals and entities. Registering a trademark protects entrepreneurs from unfair competition and attempts to take over the brand. Every entrepreneur knows how much effort and money it takes to build […]

Consumer bankruptcy

upadłość konsumencka

What we do   If, due to various random events such as illness, job loss, or fraud by third parties, you are unable to cover your living expenses and repay your debts, consumer bankruptcy is a solution worth considering. It’s also worth considering legal assistance in consumer bankruptcy. A lawyer specializing in consumer bankruptcy can help you […]

Real estate law

prawo nieruchomości

What we do   Our services are aimed at both individuals and legal entities whose activities are related to the need to regulate the legal status of real estate or its management. Typically, real estate is the most valuable asset, and problems related to management often revolve around it. According to Article 46 of the […]

Contract law

prawo umowy

What we do   Both everyday life and running a business require us to have the ability to draft contracts, interpret them, and assess the provisions contained within. Unfortunately, these skills, necessary in every aspect of life, often require completion of legal studies and years of practice. As part of our law firm services, we offer […]

Assistance for borrowers in Swiss franc mortgage cases

Pomoc frankowiczom

What we do   Since 2016, our Law Firm has been dealing with disputes with banks regarding Swiss franc loans, commonly known as assistance to Frankowicze. The term “Frankowicze” refers to individuals who, between 2006 and 2010, took out loans to purchase real estate in the foreign currency of CHF, which was presented to future […]

Debt collection and payment backlogs

Windykacja i zatory płatnicze

What we do   The goal of conducting any business activity, regardless of the size of the established business, is to achieve satisfactory revenues. Unfortunately, obstacles to achieving this goal often arise, such as payment delays or disloyal behavior from a contractor who delays payment for an overdue invoice. Very often, such payment delays can lead […]

Family law

Prawo rodzinne

What we do   If you are looking for a lawyer specializing in family law, a specialist providing legal advice in the field of family law, or a so-called divorce lawyer, you have come to the right place. Our law firm provides assistance to individual clients in the broad field of family law, where we handle and advise […]

Corporate services

Obsługa korporacyjna

What we do   As attorneys running our own law firm, we also function as entrepreneurs conducting business activities. We are taxpayers, contributors to social security, leaseholders, and borrowers. This allows us to better understand the needs and expectations of our clients who run their own businesses. Our law firm always seeks to find solutions […]

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