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Both everyday life and running a business require us to have the ability to draft contracts, interpret them, and assess the provisions contained within. Unfortunately, these skills, necessary in every aspect of life, often require completion of legal studies and years of practice. As part of our law firm services, we offer assistance in formulating contract provisions, interpreting them, and resolving the most complicated contractual issues. Years of experience in practicing law have allowed members of our law firm to acquire the skills necessary for drafting contract provisions, explaining their functions, and elucidating their practical consequences (including risks associated with specific contractual provisions).

We offer our clients knowledge and practical experience in utilizing various mechanisms of contract law. A full understanding of these mechanisms is possible through an understanding of the processes of legal change and jurisprudence that have led to the development of specific legal solutions.

Our lawyers are fluent in the language of commercial contract law and business contract law.

Our law firm’s services in this area concern contract law in both professional and consumer transactions. We assist our clients in concluding contracts, shaping their content (including through negotiation processes), and ensuring their enforcement. The scope of our law firm’s interest includes contracts concluded between businesses (B2B) or between businesses and consumers. In the event of a breach of the provisions of a concluded contract, we assist in enforcing legal consequences. If it is necessary to prepare a contract by a notary, we participate in notarial actions.

The legal assistance provided to our clients by the law firm focuses, among others, on the following issues:

  • Methods of concluding contracts and their form,
  • Regulations, general contract terms, and contract templates (drafting, editing, questioning provisions),
  • Unfair contract terms (abusive clauses),
  • Interest and interest rates,
  • Deposit and advance payment,
  • Contractual penalty,
  • Compensation for damage resulting from non-performance or improper performance of obligations,
  • Statutory right to withdraw from a contract,
  • Contractual right to withdraw from a contract,
  • Consumer right to withdraw from a contract,
  • Drafting lease agreements,
  • Drafting cooperation agreements,
  • Drafting sales agreements,
  • Drafting agreements of commercial law and civil law partnerships,
  • Liability for defects in sold goods under warranty.

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